What Type of Fetish Cams Are There?

December 16, 2013

What Type of Fetish Cams Are There?

December 16, 2013
There are more types of live fetish cams online than we could possibly go through in one single post. Yet we will list the major options for users that are looking for kinky chat rooms. Read through and see what turns you on.
  1. Pantyhose and stockings - always popular among Guys and they appeal to mainstream cammers as well as to serious fetishers.
  2. BDSM - his category is a very broad one, but we will refer to it here as bondage, discipline and sadomasochism. It includes spanking, whipping, all sorts of binding and a nearly endless variety of erotic punishments.
  3. Humiliation - This may be considered part of BDSM, but it is a bit unique. This is a fetish that is simply made for live webcams, because in most cases no actual contact is needed. The amateurs ask a powerful woman to insult them and the pros go for CFNM and small penis humiliation.
  4. Foot worship - this kink has been around long before fetish cams appeared and there are many evidences suggesting that this obsession is biological, as well as mental. On webcams guys worship, beg and admire and the women show off their bare feet or their selection of high heels.
  5. Cuckolding - This kinky pleasure is available mainly on group webcams, where men can see the user fuck their wives while they have to sit and watch. The braver users bring their own wives and have a cuckold swinging session via webcam.
  6. Leather and Latex - a lot of users get turned on by these sexy materials and they want the hosts to use them, in obscene ways.
  7. Balloons - this is one of the least known sexual fantasies, yet on fetish cams there is a surprisingly high number of guys that want the camgirls to use balloons or to do, what they refer to as, blow to pop.
  8. Roleplaying - this is probably the most liked option of fetish chat rooms and everyone is doing it, with ot without outfits and costumes.


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